Hungary’s longest (820m) amateur Go-kart truck

The idea of the go-kart track was formulated in my mind in autumn 2003, which Nyársapát – Cegled – Csemő along the border took the road – the road 441 – half Csemő we have established a go-kart track. The idea is highly supported by my family – my wife, my son and my daughter, who was then living in England already that time.

In spring 2004 the idea of ​​the theory (in office procedures, design etc.) was come to alive. The Go-Kart Park is made under a multi-stage project and to this day there are plans which will be need to carry out in the future.

That time the length of track was 301 m. We looked at all the F1 tracks in the world and we decided that we use the Barcelona F1 similar, smaller version of the track line, which was fitted for the given area.

The opening ceremony of that (301m) truck was on the 20th of June 2004.  That time six RIMO type of BK-1 200 Honda powered karts served the visitors.

We have visited and studied several Western European countries go-kart tracks.

Considering the increasing needs of go-karting as a family we decided to go further development, which are made pursuant to the collaboration of St. Istvan University, Faculty of Built to the designs. It began under the leadership of Professor Eugene dr.Koppy “Bognar kart park” complete development plan, which included the construction, track construction, environmental protection, landscaping, electrical, and safety plans and they are authorized in 2008. In 2009 under the five-year anniversary ceremony we put down the basis for the new track.

The new track section was built in 2012, which was connected to the old track. So the 301m track is grown to 820 m. You can change the track lines in 8 different ways. This track is very special and the only one in Hungary. The new (820m) track opened for the public on the 23rd of June 2012th.

We organize amateur home adult child’s go-kart races each year. At the moment, you can do karting – for adult – GX 200 and for children with the – GX 120 BIZ karts.

The BIZ karts imported from England and my daughter’s (Orsolya Bognar LLB, LPC) who deals with it and with marketing. A further development is expected to achieve in 2024. Every day we are open depending on the weather from 10am to 8pm. Everyone is welcome (we provide space for group and individual events) which my wife deals with it. The park is located in an area of ​​more than 34.000m2, which 59% is covered by a green area.

The Bognar Family